Business Scholarships

Explore this directory to find business scholarships that suit your unique situation. The directory will filter scholarships by a variety of factors, ensuring you find scholarships for which you are eligible. For example, use the GPA and enrollment level functions of the directory to rule out scholarships with minimum GPA requirements that you do not meet, or those intended for students at different stages in their academic programs. If you are just starting your traditional or online business program, you should also search for renewable scholarships, as these can give you money for multiple years of your college studies rather than only one year.

The scholarship directory also sorts scholarships by location and ethnicity. Additionally, certain scholarships are sponsored by individual schools or state organizations; by using this directory, you can save time by determining whether a given scholarship is available at your school or in your state.

You should also search for business scholarships online and seek other funding methods. Colleges and business departments often provide scholarship money or host paper and project competitions that provide education funds. If you are already employed, consider asking your employer to sponsor your studies, especially if you are studying for an MBA.

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Identify Trends in Business Scholarships

The majority of business scholarships are available to students in any business field, but some reward further specialization. If you study a topic like business administration or agribusiness, for example, you will find multiple specialized scholarships for which you won’t have to compete with students in fields like international business or accounting. There are also a few business scholarships for students of particular ethnicities, but these are not very common.

The list of organizations that offer business scholarships is diverse. Large corporations, scholarship funds, and colleges make up most of the scholarship opportunities in this field. Some other scholarships are provided by local organizations for students from particular counties or high schools. The average award for all scholarships in the business field is about $2,500, with some offering only a few hundred dollars and others offering tens of thousands. Apply for all scholarships for which you are eligible, including those offering smaller awards, as all scholarships contribute to your tuition and may even provide opportunities to network with members of granting organizations.

Key Business Scholarships

New Hampshire Society of CPAs Scholarship

This scholarship, provided by the New Hampshire Society of CPAs, is for students from New Hampshire pursuing business or accounting degrees, and is typical of scholarships offered by professional societies. Students must demonstrate academic excellence and submit a letter of recommendation from a professor, department chair, or dean. The monetary award for this scholarship is $500.

JCC Association Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the Jewish Community Center Association and is intended for students seeking graduate degrees leading to professional careers in Jewish community centers or affiliated organizations. Those who receive these awards must complete a field placement experience at a community center while studying and agree to work in this field for two years after graduation. The monetary award is $10,000 per year for up to two years.

Directory of Business Scholarships